Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions and Cancellations

Sheehan Professional Services LLC owns and operates All said property, intellectual rights, moneys and services exchanged, are to be addressed to Sheehan Professional Services LLC (SPS)

By selecting and processing your payment you agree to the following as a binding contract between yourself and or your company, with Sheehan Professional Services LLC (SPS).

By submitting payment or asking our customer service agents to process your payment, the person submitting the payment is agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. Contracts for services and equipment are not typically refundable. All deposits and payments are final. SPS may at its discretion accommodate customers for emergency situations. (Sub-Contractor deposits and fees are not typically refundable and are subject to their discretion) All funds allocated for labor are not refundable when requested within 48 hours of the event. SPS will work with clients to reschedule events in emergency situations at cost when possible. Emergency situations include but are not limited to (Death or medical emergency's in the family, natural disasters, military deployments)

2. SPS is fully insured for liability on its equipment and its onsite technicians, SPS may however subcontract services and will assure any agent they contract is also insured.

3. SPS reserves the right to refuse to act in any case where it or its agents deem unsafe. This includes the right to not put out equipment or remove its equipment due to inclement weather, or other issues of safety .

4. SPS will insure that equipment is not subjected to water exposure. This includes allowing equipment within five feet of a pool's edge, left out in any type of precipitation (unless equipment is specifically designed for it), guest putting drinks on equipment, placing units directly on a mixing station, bar or other drink area where spills can come in direct contact with equipment. SPS therefore has the right to move, remove or alter lighting and other services during an event to insure the safety of its equipment, staff and guest. 

5. The customer / client agrees not to attempt to use their own power supplies to power, charge or recharge any SPS equipment.

6. No modification to any SPS equipment is allowed including taping or gaffing of logos, lights, LED interfaces or controls by the customer / client or other vendors contracted by them. 

7. Any violations regarding modifications or damage that is deemed to be reckless is subject to replacement charges of effected items plus a 20% surcharge, paid directly to SPS. Any loss of equipment in mass due to abuse or carless disregard will be submitted through SPS’s insurance company, with clients agreeing to pay for any deductibles and other fees deemed appropriate by our insurance company.

8. SPS warranties damages not deemed to be from misuse or reckless disregard such as: general malfunctions, burned out lights, defective batteries, controller failures, expendables, and incidentals such as screws, gels and the like.

9. From time to time individual equipment might malfunction. In the event this happens, the client understands that this is beyond the scope of control of SPS but if they seek a partial reimbursement (per unit cost) they need to bring their concern to the attention to the Lead Technician during the event and agree to allow the Lead every opportunity to resolve the issue first. Issues brought to the attention of SPS after the event will not be considered for compensation. 

10. The person or company paying for services with SPS is the responsible agent for all terms and conditions.