Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions and Cancellations

Sheehan Professional Services LLC owns and operates All said property, intellectual rights, moneys and services exchanged, are to be addressed to Sheehan Professional Services LLC (SPS)

By selecting and processing your payment you agree to the following as a binding contract between yourself or your company (Client) , with Sheehan Professional Services LLC (SPS):

1. All payments are considered final and non refundable. SPS may prorate refunds or change dates or locations for emergency situations at their discretion. SPS will make every effort to accommodate a client but full or partial refunds might be beyond their control and expendables purchased for specific jobs cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

2. On site tech services are not refundable 72 hours prior to an event. Technicians are freelancers pass up other jobs to secure dates.

3. SPS reserves the right to remove equipment and or alter setups of equipment for any situation it deems prudent to insure equipment and or personal safety. SPS reserves the right to take appropriate discretionary action in any case where it or its agents deem unsafe.

4. SPS is fully insured for liability on its equipment and its onsite technicians, SPS may however subcontract services and will assure any agent they contract is also insured. Non SPS agents, clients or third parties may not for any reason move, alter or operate SPS equipment. Any damages or liability stemming for a violation, may result in damages being passed from SPS to the client.

5. SPS is indemnified by the client when acting at the direction of the property owner when setting up an event. In other words, SPS is not liable for changing location of or striking equipment when the property owners, managers or state officials (Fire Marshall) have instructed them to do so.

6. Unless the equipment is specify marked for outdoor use, the equipment is not to be subjected to water exposure. This includes using equipment within five feet of a pool's edge, left out in any type of precipitation, guest putting drinks on equipment, placing units directly on a mixing station, bar or other drink area where spills can come in direct contact with equipment.

7. The client agrees not to attempt to use their own power supplies or direct others to charge or recharge any SPS equipment or share SPS power supplies or cables.

8. No modification to any SPS equipment is allowed, including taping or gaffing of logos, lights, LED interfaces or controls by the client or third parties.

9. Any violations regarding modifications or damage that is deemed by SPS to be reckless in nature is subject to a replacement charge of affected items plus a 20% surcharge, paid directly to SPS. Any loss of equipment in mass due to abuse or careless disregard will be submitted through SPS’s insurance company, with client agreeing to pay for any deductibles and other fees deemed appropriate by our insurance company.

10. SPS warranties damages not deemed to be from misuse or reckless disregard such as: general malfunctions, burned out lights, defective batteries, controller failures, expendables, and incidentals such as screws, gels and the like.

11. SPS is indemnified by the client against perceived artistic or esthetic differences. SPS strives to achieve the look the client wants, but cannot be held liable for buyers remorse due to artistic choices.

12. From time to time individual lights or equipment might malfunction. In the event this happens, SPS is indemnified by the client. All equipment is checked prior to being delivered and unforeseen Acts of God or cross interference from other companies on wireless equipment Etc will not be grounds for refunds or compensation.

13. The person or company purchasing SPS services is the responsible agent for all terms and conditions and is the only one that can request changes or alterations to this contract. SPS, does not acknowledge family members, friends, or unlisted agents not directly mentioned in the contract as an authority to make changes to said contract.