Sheehan Profesional Services LLC
Do It yourself !

Having worked for over a decade in the live event and production world, Sheehan Professional Services LLC (SPS) has come to a (cost saving) conclusion, you can do it yourselves! With the advent of LED, IR and Lithium Battery technology, DYI has never been so easy and we are here to help you. We do offer onsite services for those in our area but we really want you to see how easy it is and save big! 

By doing it yourselves, you can save 25% to 75% off what a full crew would cost you. Not to mention that our equipment has been researched to bring you the brightest and most colorful lights in their class while combining minimal effort to set up and being compact for ease of use and lower shipping rates, which allows us to give you the best lights at a low cost.

We dare you to "Do It Yourself" and succeed in making a memorable event.

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