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Pinspot Lighting PINSPOT and MAG-WASH LIGHTS

Did you spend thousands of dollars on table centerpieces, a cake, buffets and or a bar? Well then you need to be able to see them. Pinspot lighting is what makes each of these event extras look brilliant.

We can add diffusion to wash walls, bars or stages for a complete


What a better way to say this is your special day, than with a Gobo!

Be it a wedding date and names, cooperate logos or atheistic patterns, our Gobo projectors can make it pop.
We can use your choice of our stock Gobos, or you can order a custom Gobo by contacting our customer service center and we will help you design it.


Our technicians are professional lighting experts who have years of experience designing and operating lighting events. They are trained to disappear into the background during the event, yet keep it running efficiently and making you look brilliant.

Every staff member is well groomed and professionally dressed and works with other vendors seamlessly during the event.

While all lighting packages come with a technician, you can also hire them directly to run your events or equipment.


Need an esthetic backdrop for your ceremony or to cover windows? We can get the color you need! This product comes in 10 foot sections and will turn any ordinary space into a scene setting stage.


Make your event complete with one of the most fun items you can have, a Photo Booth. People will have keepsakes forever with our totally customizable photo booths. Be it an open air, inflatable with LED internal lights or our elegant popup tent with esthetic drape options you are sure to get the photo booth the way you want it without having to search all over the internet! Even the interface is customizable for a unique look for every event! All photos can be branded with whatever mark you want on them.

This product is available in Washington D.C., Northern VA and Southern Maryland only.

Bistro String Lighting Bistro (String) Lighting

Bistro Lighting is a great way to add ambiance to your event. It combines old world elegance with a warm electric glow, setting the perfect tone for virtually any event.

Bistro lighting is lovely on its own. When combined with other types of lighting such as uplighting, it will produce an even higher degree of brilliance. By adding our dimmer packs to the mix, we can supply you with the perfect level of lighting for the perfect look.

EventLightsUSA.com uses professional event grade Bistro Lights to make your event an evening to remember—forever. These lights are fully dimmable and can be used indoors or outdoors.


We offer world class lighting to bring your dance floor to light! Want esthetic static patterns? How about oscillating colors with moving patterns, we got you covered no matter what look you want.

We can separate looks to meet your events needs. Often a First Dance look is very different than when the party is in full swing and with a push of a button, we can meet all those needs and make you look brilliant!


Uplighting is the backbone of any event lighting but also the most misunderstood. Our lights combine cost savings with maximum esthetics.

We employ both battery powered units as well as large AC powered full wash lights.

It's not just enough to have uplights. You need the best type you can get, that
have maximum versatility and won't stop working part way into your event. Do you want perfect color matching? Our lights can dial in a million color combinations to get it right every time. Do you want all of your lights the same color for the majority of the event but then a select corner of the room to go into dance mode, while the others stay the same, all with perfect timing? We can do it right for you...


EventLightsUSA.com. knows Outdoor Lighting! We offer many outdoor lighting choices ranging from Uplighting, AirStar, Blinders, and Bistro Lights for your outdoor events. Want to see safely at night, light large areas with a WOW factor? Let us make your event brilliant!

AirStar - 360° Area Wash Lighting. (Can order custom prints for lighting ball such as company logo, names or even the moon!) Standard is white diffusion.

Blinders - Directional Area Wash Lighting. Whatever direction the lights are facing will flood light in that direction in an 180° range.

Leko Lights - These lights have many lenses and can focus light on an area or object close or far away. The can also be fully dimmed and controlled as well as shuttered to insure light does not spill outside the area you want to cover.