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EventLightsUSA.com will do all the lighting design with you but we know it can be hard for clients not in our business to make educated choices when planning lighting for their events and we want to give you some tools as a guide. While we offer an artistic and not a rental per unit service, the information below should give a basic reflection in what most event lighting companies will offer you.

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How many lights do I need? This is a question that differs from event to event but we can give you some ideas by asking questions:

(1) If you space out the lights every 3 to 6 feet along walls, how many will you need to go all away around the room?

(2) How many rooms will there be?

(3) Will you light hallways?

(4) Will you light the facade or front of the building?

(5) Are you lighting trees? How many?

(6) Are you going to light inside bars, under tables or other translucent cases?

(7) Will you light a dance floor, stage area? (6-12 lights)

(8) Do you want to light a ceremony backdrop? (6-12 lights)

(1) Are you lighting a cake? (2 per cake)

(2) Are you lighting a bar? How many? (2 per bar)

(3) Will there be an event table with gifts, ledger, photos Etc? (2 per table)

(4) Will you have a center piece on the tables? (1 per table)

Gobos & Leko Lights
(1) Do you want to project a name or logo on a wall or floor?

(2) Do you want to pattern wash an area? You will need enough units to cover the area you want to wash.

(3) If using as a stage light to highlight a guest (2 units, Min)

A basic rule of thumb for event sizes held in a single room:

Up to 25 people 12 - 24 Uplights

Up to 50 people 24 - 36 Uplights

Up to 100 - 150 people 36 - 48 Uplights

Over 150+ people 48 - 60 + Uplights