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One of the questions we are frequently asked about is the cost for our services. Being that we are a professional lighting design company, we take your big day and plan it with you to make sure it looks brilliant. That means that we will build a custom package at a reasonable price as we know memories last forever, and we thrive to make them very special to our customers.

We can tell you that we start our pricing in the few hundred dollar range for small events and can go all the way up to full concert range prices.

You may call 877-331-4233 or email [email protected] at anytime for a price quote.

EventLightsUSA.com offers special business rates. Business are required to have a valid business license and EIN to receive our business rates.

EventLightsUSA.com requires full payment prior to delivery unless specifically negotiated. Business may pay a balance due within 30 days for services when specifically agreed by contract.