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All pricing is based on a per unit bases and because we make custom packages for your lighting needs, we prepare individual price quotes.

You may call 877-331-4233 or email paul@eventlightsusa.com at anytime for a price quote.

EventLightsUSA.com offers customer as well as business rates. Business are required to have a valid business license and EIN to receive our business rates.

Call for delivery rates, as they range from free to a per mile fee depending on total rental and service area.

EventLightsUSA.com requires full payment from customers prior to delivery unless specifically negotiated. Business may pay a balance due within 30 days for rentals and services over 900.00 for typical products we offer. Items outside that scope are subjected to negotiation.

All rentals are for a day rate, requiring return the day after the event, with exceptions of weekends and federal holidays.

Minimum orders of $350.00 typically apply. Please contact us for details.