Home > Operation: (ELU-TRI Series) Full 255 Mix Mode
You can make exact mixing of Red, Green, Blue and Amber by:

(1) Turn on the base unit.

(2) Point the IR Control Unit at it

(3) Select only the R,G,B,(W-Amber) buttons and go through them. Select each one once and a second time to toggle between a value of 0 and 255 for that color. We recommend that you start at 0 for all but the primary color you want, leaving it at 255. Then take the other colors you want to mix, and from 0 use the (Up) and (Down) buttons to bring their values up or down to mix the colors you want.

(4) Select the (On) button and watch the LED display on the base unit flash once to save this setting and lock it in. If you want to black out unit before your event to save power, you must turn the switch off on the base unit. WARNING: (Off) Mode on the IR Unit will wipe saved settings DO NOT USE.

After you have saved by selecting (On), if you for any reason you need to go back to your saved mix, such as if you have been playing with other options, simply turn the base unit off and then back on and it will load the last saved program.