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EventLightsUSA.com. knows Outdoor Lighting! We offer many outdoor lighting choices ranging from Uplighting, AirStar, Blinders, and Bistro Lights for your outdoor events. Want to see safely at night, light large areas with a WOW factor? Let us make your event brilliant!

AirStar - 360° Area Wash Lighting. (Can order custom prints for lighting ball such as company logo, names or even the moon!) Standard is white diffusion.

Blinders - Directional Area Wash Lighting. Whatever direction the lights are facing will flood light in that direction in an 180° range.

Leko Lights - These lights have many lenses and can focus light on an area or object close or far away. The can also be fully dimmed and controlled as well as shuttered to insure light does not spill outside the area you want to cover.