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If you have a respectable size event of up to 100 people, then this is a respectable package?

24 Uplights lights gives you the luxury of getting creative and really selling your lighting as a specialty, and people will notice!

12 Pinspot lights allow you to give your bar that wow factor that will really set your event apart. There is nothing like having those bottles and glasses passthrough a warm translucent glow. But why stop there, got a guest speaker? Why not spotlight them while they talk, these lights can do the job. Centerpieces on dinner tables, no problem!

1 Gobo to project names, dates, breakup patterns or even act as a focused stage wash. This versatile light tells people they are dealing with a pro!

Our Uplights come with the much sought after (Amber) diode which allows for the warmest esthetics, often used in weddings and professional events.

NOTE: This package is intended to light a single space, other rooms might require additional lights.

(24) ELU-TRI-15° Units + 2 IR Control Units
(12) ELU-PINSPOT Units + 1 Control Unit
(1) ELU-EZGOBO Unit + 1 Control Unit