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We cannot tell you how many broken hearts we have seen after a wedding or corporate lighting experience that went wrong and it always starts with "my DJ is doing my lighting for $250.00!"

Stop and think about that for a moment... They are DJs, not professional lighting design companies! Have you ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for”? Would you buy your DJ services from the catering company, why not? It is the same reason you don’t want to get lighting from a DJ, it’s not what they do. They often bring under powered lights for uplighting only and pay little attention to things like matching décor, using preset colors that don’t showcase your event as it should be. They are focused on the music and not the lighting.

We don’t dislike DJs, in fact we often work with DJs to incorporate synced dance modes for the lighting. We actually saw a DJ once set their uplights into a dance mode and watch them slip out of sync and they all started blinking different colors! In another case we saw a wedding with half the room red and the other blue! At a wedding! We work with DJs, event planners and direct clients to make sure your lighting experience never turns out like that.

We also have the inventory to meet your needs and make your lighting look full and robust. DJs and small time operators often have just enough lights to get you to sign up thinking you are saving money but only to find out that you wasted it. The truth is if you are only going to spend a few hundred dollars on uplighting, you might be better off to skip it and use that money on some other option for your event.

Here is the thing, EventLightsUSA.com is actually inexpensive compared to our industry competitors. Yes, great lighting is not free or even 250.00 dollars. Lighting for your event is an investment in your memories. We want to make those memories brilliant and we can do it in a cost effective way, so reach out today for a free estimate.

We turn any space into a magical place!